Another INGLOT Item


So two days ago I have spoken about the Powder from INGLOT, today will introduce a different product which is the UnderEye Concealer.

I have purchased this in the same day when I got the Powder from London the Westfield branch, I have used different concealers so I thought I would try this one, it’s not bad but it’s not the best either.

What I liked about this concealer is that it contains vitamin E, and we all know its very useful for the skin it will also help to reduce black circles as well as fight puffiness.

I use it as a full coverage concealer as well so not only for under the eye I use it all over my face and where necessary. It wasn’t expensive I think it cost me around £8-9, so if you are looking for a good and not expensive concealer give this a try.

Facial Sauna..Its a THING!


Hello everyone, how are we all doing today? So I think its near summer well maybe for me I am bit excited hahaha, So recently I have started a new routine for my skincare, this involved using a facial sauna which I have purchased from Argos.

It wasn’t expensive, actually, it was on sale so normal cost was £21.99 and I bought it for £9.99, the sale still hasn’t ended so maybe you should give it a check.

So the way my routine works by using my daily face wash, scrub and mask. First of all I wash my face properly with my favourite (Loreal Clay Wash), then I use (papaya scrub) you can get this from anywhere, boots, body care or Superdrug, and then finally I dry my face and apply a mask the one I am using at the  moment is the (Loreal Pure Clay Glow Mask).

I leave the mask for 15 min but using the sauna at the same time this will help to open your pores so the mask will o through your skin and deep cleanse also it stimulates blood circulation and brings extra oxygen and nutrients. Then I wash my face, and use my second favourite product Garnier toner and then I apply a moisturiser.

I follow this routine twice a week sometimes 3 times a week depends how I am feeling, but honestly I can see the difference on my face, you should all try to buy a sauna and continue on this routine and hopefully, you will thank me one day 🙂

Freedom System Powder – INGLOT


I like the fact that its called freedom system, that means you have the ability to mix and match the products and make your own custom design. The way I have used this Freedom powder is using it as a Contour.

I went to the INGLOT store in London which is in Westfield, I was really happy when I saw the store as we don’t have it in Manchester. So I asked for an under eye concealer, the lady tried different colours and I will be talking about this in a different blog, then she used one of the Freedom powder to show how it will look.

I really liked the texture and the colour so I asked for a darker colour so I can use it as a contour, it wasn’t expensive cant remember the exact price but it was affordable, using a powder contour it always easier to blend especially if you don’t know how to use a creamy contour.

I highly recommend it, there are so many colours you could choose from, if you are in London that’s fine if not you can purchase it online as well from their store 🙂

Some Updates….

20180302_112509 (1)

Hey, beauties!! I know its been a long time but I was busy with my wedding planning, Hope you are all good 🙂

So I am back with some updates in regards to the SugarBear Hair vitamins that I have started a month ago,  I bought the 3 Month treatment and I have finished one today.

So far I can’t judge the product and give you the exact result until  I finish the full course, but I can say that I can see a slight difference on my hair especially on the edges, I will continue using it until I finish the 3 month period and I will get back to you with better news 🙂

Facial Spray – Mario Badescu


Recently I have started using the Mario Badescu facial spray. I have purchased this from Beauty Bay with the facial mask which I will talk about in my next blog. The spray is good and so refreshing, I use it every day after I clean my face straight after the toner.

Mario Badescu has a different range of products they are good for skin care, I never heard anyone complaining about their products. My sister and I have used the Aloe Herbs and Rosewater spray before and honestly is the best thing you should own as one of your skincare products.

The one I am currently using is the Aloe Cucumber and Green Tea spray which I also like and highly recommend they are both nice I have purchased the small size but as soon as it finishes I will order the bigger size as I now use daily.

You can purchase it directly from their website, Beauty Bay or from Cult beauty, the price is reasonable is not that expensive which is good, I recommend using it day and night time before you apply your moisturizer.

Glow Skin – Vanity Planet


Capture – Link to the brush

Let me talk you about the Vanity Planet face brush it’s called Glow skin and I am happy that I have tried it, honestly, everyone around me commenting about how my face looks different, I have fewer spots now and can feel that it’s a lot softer especially when I apply makeup.

The brush comes with three different heads, one for daily use which is gentle, one for exfoliating which you can use twice to three times a week and the third one is for massaging. If you continue to use the daily one it just keeps your face clean and healthy also it gives you a glow.

The best thing about it that it comes with a beautiful little case which is easier to carry when travelling, the brush is waterproof which means you can use it in the shower as well and it has speed setting.

All you have to do once you got the brush is clean your face with makeup remover, wet your face and apply your preferable daily face wash then use the brush on circular motion, rinse with warm water and make sure you wash your brush heads and let it dry. You will see the difference within the first two weeks.

There are three beautify colours pink, blue and purple gives you the choice to choose also😊 it’s currently in offer nearly half price so get buying and share with your friends.


My Snapchat

Good afternoon everyone,,,so i have decided to have a snapchat account for my daily quick reviews and also to show some of the routines I do and stuff…

So make sure you add me on Snapchat and share it if you would like to ..I will also answer any direct questions and try my best to provide the best content xxxx

HYDRO Gel Undereye Patch


Recently I have started using the under-eye patches from Body care, I have bought two types one for brightness and the other for calming and lifting which helps to reduce wrinkles as well.

If you are looking to do flawless makeup you should be using the under-eye patches doesn’t have to be the same one as mine you can buy it from anywhere else, the one on the picture is really good which you can find from any Superdrug store it contains Collagen which is really good for the skin as it helps to reduce wrinkles and lines.

As we use different types of products around the eye area, we need to take care of it because it’s a sensitive area. So, you do your daily routine and clean your face then apply the patches to your eyes and relax for 10 -15 minutes then take it off and massage the area with your fingers gently.

If you continue to use it for a long time twice a week you will see the difference, also the main thing don’t forget to sleep early this will also help to reduce puffiness 😊


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Hi everyone, how you are all doing, so today I will only give you a heads up of the new purchase I have made yesterday which is I am so excited about and can’t wait to receive and start using it.

So, this product is a hair vitamin that I have bought from this site which is their original website

I have heard a lot about different hair vitamins and how they help with baby hair and reduces hair loss. But I wasn’t sure whether to try them or not, there are different brands out there, but I don’t like taking tablets as much, so when I found out about this product I was 100% sure that I am going to purchase it one time and finally I have and purchased 3-month treatment.

I haven’t tried it yet but my friends and cousins have and I can see the difference on them, the best thing about it is a jelly sweet and taste of fruit this the second reason why I have decided to buy it.

Now, in 3 months from I will come back and update the blog hopefully with some good news and give you a full review of the product and tell you guys whether I liked it or not, which I am sure I will do.



Fenty Beauty :)



Hey everyone, I hope you all good. So, I have received some Rihanna’s makeup on my birthday and tried them out, amazing stuff OMG!

I loved everything the lipstick, foundation and the highlighter, in this post I will be talking about the highlighter it’s a magic it’s one of the important make products that you need to have within your makeup collection.

There are six highlighters in Rihanna’s collection the one I have now is the Trophy Wife, it’s a true Trophy wife honestly the pigmentation and colour unbelievable.

What I have realised with this highlighter is that you can wear it without full makeup, it suits all your outings, I have tried so many highlighters but this is the second-best powder highlighter I have used so far and I highly recommend it.

You can purchase it from Sephora or Harvey Nichols if you are in the UK, the cost for the highlighter is £26 which is not bad comparing to other makeup brands.

I will be trying the rest of the shades and will come back and give you a review about them and which one I preferred out of the six.